Virtual Health Care

Health Care As It Should Be.

This service is available exclusively to Lifestyle Connections users for a special rate of $19.99/month. This is in addition to your Lifestyle Connections subscription cost.

Healthcare should be simple, fast and uncomplicated. Tele-medicine makes it easy to visit a doctor in minutes through our mobile app, online and by phone. Get access to quality healthcare without ever leaving your home, your job or wherever you are. Find out how easy it is to receive affordable, quality care without traveling to the doctor's office!

How Does This Work?

Additional Benefits

Life Insurance

  1. Primary member is automatically covered with $10,000 of life insurance as a part of the plan
  2. Next level plan includes additional $10,000 of life insurance coverage for a spouse or significant other
  3. Up to $25,000 of children’s life insurance coverage with the benefit doubling in the event of a death by accident available for an additional premium charge
  4. Benefits can be used for final expenses, pay estate expenses or member can tithe to church
  5. Group term life insurance coverage plan, no one can be denied if they enroll through the digital health plan
Prescription Rx
A preferred drug list offering over 200 drugs at no cost and over 600 for under $25. 65,000+ pharmacies plus mail order prescription drugs

Hearing Services
Provides network of providers and deep discounts on equipment

Vision Benefits
Exams and glasses provided at deeply discounted prices

Medical Cost Sharing

Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, members share a given amount on a monthly basis and draw from community funds as medical their needs arise.

Monthly shares are generally lower than typical insurance premiums. Through our medical cost sharing model, members save between 30 – 50% of the costs that are typically incurred with health insurance plans.

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